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Jenga - the game of champions. I’ve yet to find anything to match it in terms of nail biting tension and overall satisfaction as that tower comes tumbling down. Whilst not as satisfying as the real life destruction, the new Jenga app for Android is still pretty cool. You get to play the game in a swanky looking living room, tapping the blocks to select and then dragging them out of the tower. You can adjust your view of the tower, and it’s at this point you realise the graphics really are pretty damn good. When a tower falls it’s almost as good as in real life… You’ve got the chance to play alone, play the Arcade version, which gives you thinks like time bonuses and extra points for making layers the same colour, or you can play with friends with play and pass. In Android’s own imitable style, it’s priced at the completely bizarre £1.82, and it’s worth every penny.

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Did you know that Jenga is swahili for 'build'? Of course not. Did you know there's an Android app version of the game? Of course not. Are we educating you, one app at a time? Of course!
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