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Not too long ago, we showed you a brand new iPhone game called Papa Sangre, which was based on using sound to orientate you between levels, rather than visuals. The Nightjar is from the same people, and does the same thing, but this time, in space. With Benedict Cumberbatch. Or Sherlock, as he’s surely better known. After a fairly lengthy introduction, knocking on for 5 minutes, you find out you’ve been left behind on a space mission, and you’ve got to get to the docking bay 7 levels down in order to be rescued. The lights are off, so you’ve got to get there by sound alone. Like Papa Sangre, it’s a case of using your headphones and the screen to move yourself so the noise is right in front of you, and then moving towards it. Personally, I prefer the day of the dead feel of Papa Sangre, but if you love space, or Sherlock, or would die to hear Sherlock in space, this is definitely the game for you. And it’s free.

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From the makers of Papa Sangre, The Nightjar features everyone's favourite detective - Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch. Use your ears to navigate through the space ship, encouraged and chastised by the man himself.
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