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Pens have received their death sentence, thanks to Penultimate on the iPad. Maybe. For when making notes with the on-screen keyboard is too time consuming or limited, Penultimate steps in to give you a virtual notebook to play with. Whilst the premise is quite simple, there are lots of customisation options that make it cute. Not only can you choose the pen colour and thickness, you can choose whether to write on plain, lined or graph paper. When you write, there’s the opportunity to choose ‘wrist protection’ which will make sure your arm isn’t leaving notes of it’s own as it rests on the screen. Once you’ve got your notes you can view all your pages, by swiping across the bottom of the screen, and from here you can delete pages and re-order them. You can also email the page or the whole notebook to someone as a .png, print the contents, or send it to photos. This app comes into its own not in writing, but in note taking, complete with diagrams, sketches and the like. For £1.19, it’s tremendously good value.

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Get creative, and move away from the constraints of an on-screen keyboard. Freestyle your notes, diagrams and pictures with this lovely looking iPad notebook app.
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