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Touchscreen BlackBerries don’t have a lock screen, and developers abhor a vacuum. We’ve covered bLOC before, but Slide2Open has an extra feature going in its favour – it doesn’t look shockingly ugly. With Slide2Open you can pick any picture you want for your lock screen and you can see the time, battery status and if there are any new messages waiting at a glance. Once it’s installed you can leave your phone in your pocket safe in the knowledge it won’t dial someone by accident. When you actually want to use your phone, just slide and you’re in. It also supports nighttime mode, so it won’t jump in front of the clock when your phone is plugged in at night. And best of all, it’s totally free if you don’t mind ads at the top or you can go ad free for just 99p.

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Touchscreen BlackBerrys don't have a lock screen, so here's one that will not only prevent pocket dialling but look pretty good to boot. Happy times.
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